GUARANTEE - registration form?

Vispring offers a 25-year guarantee on key elements of your bed. The guarantee does not apply to mattresses used without a Vispring box spring, and excludes toppers. Please follow the care instructions to ensure your guarantee remains valid. It is important that you register your bed within one month of purchase.

In addition to the rights awarded to the consumer by UK law, all bed sets from Vispring Beds Limited (SBL) are covered by a 25 year guarantee against breakage of the bed springs or frame. SBL offers the following guarantee:

1. The guarantee commences on the date of delivery and is valid for 25 years. The guarantee is only valid for the original buyer.

2. The guarantee covers breakage of metal springs or of the frame of the box spring. The guarantee coverage excludes claims arising from misuse or neglect, damage caused by use of an inappropriate bed frame or support (in the case of linked bases damage caused by failure to use a bed frame with proper support in each corner), damage to the mattress due to the use of an inappropriate or old box spring / foundation / slat system. The guarantee does not apply to any bed set that is not in sanitary condition.

3. In order for this guarantee to be valid, you must be the original consumer purchaser, have purchased the bed through an authorised showroom in the country in which the bed is located and made a written complaint to SBL within a reasonable time after the damage has been noted or should have been noted, providing the production number.

4. Upon receipt of the complaint, SBL shall examine and remedy the problem with due speed. SBL will inform the customer of whether this examination and/or repair will be undertaken at the customer’s location or if the bed should be transported to SBL or a SBL authorised showroom for examination and/or repair. SBL will arrange any transport needed, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, but the buyer will be responsible for transportation costs of the product to and from the showroom or SBL production facility as appropriate. SBL reserves the right to decide how the situation shall be remedied and will at its own expense repair or replace the bed. If identical materials are not available at the time of any claim, SBL will substitute material of equal or higher value, or at our option provide a refund.

5. If the failure is shown not to be covered by the guarantee the buyer shall at the discretion of SBL, acting reasonably, pay the costs incurred by the erroneous complaint.

6. SBL shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use this product, or for breach of this or any other express or implied guarantee. SBL does not guarantee that this product is suitable for any person’s medical condition.

7. The guarantee statement in no way infringes on the customer’s statutory rights under the applicable consumer legislation.

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