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Royal Alpaca wool

For a long time, alpaca wool has been prized for many of its fine qualities and been a staple of luxury for centuries. However, not all alpaca fleece is the same. The alpaca fiber value depends on its color, fineness, texture, and other factors. Many alpaca wool products are available at different prices.

Being one of the most exclusive and sought-after types of wool, alpaca is rare and in high demand. Alpaca fiber comes in 22 natural colors that range from black and brown to grey and ivory. They can easily be dyed or mixed to get interesting color combinations.

Alpaca fleece is very soft so that it even feels like silk on the touch. It is a fabric that provides a three times warmer feeling than the merino sheep’s wool. It is naturally waterproof, free of oil, hypoallergenic, and an excellent choice for those who have sensitive skin and suffer from irritations.