handcrafted BEDS

The best handmade mattresses, divans and headboards in the world. Over 120 years in the making. Bespoke to your specifications by true craftsmen. Made with the finest natural materials in the world.
Vispring’s founder James Marshall invented the pocketed spring in 1901 and Vispring has been using them ever since.
These proprietary springs provide unparalleled support and ensure less transfer of motion.
All Vispring mattresses and divans are pocket-sprung, as they work together to provide the ultimate support system for your hips, shoulders and spine.
Our springs are still made the original way: lengths of high-grade durable vanadium steel, wound six times before they’re individually wrapped in natural calico pockets.

a quest for quality

Filling our mattresses with anything less than the finest materials available just won’t do. All the materials used in every Vispring mattress are treated with extra care. The result is a hand-tufted, hand-stitched, deep-filled and lavishly finished product that offers the perfect combination of support and comfort.
Vispring offers the best warranty in the industry: A full 30 years, with no prorating.
Just another way to ensure that you sleep well every night.
Vispring New York is an authorized retailer of Vispring Limited, London, a premiere destination to experience the uncompromising luxury and body-responsive support of a Vispring mattress. You are invited to discover a sleeping experience that is second to none.