Comparison Chart
ModelRows of coilsNumber of coils*Filling MaterialsTicking materialsMattress Depth
Diamond Majesty33996British & Shetland Wool, Austrian Moosberger horsetail, cashmere, silk, bamboo, Royal Alpaca fleece wool, organic cottonViscose, silk and cashmere13.4"
Masterpiece Superb33996Shetland Wool, organic cotton, Austrian Moosburger horsetail, alpaca woolViscose, silk and cashmere13.4"
Signatory Superb23296British fleece wool, Austrian Moosburger horsetail, Shetland wool, cashmere, organic cottonViscose, wool and silk11.5"
Cashmere Superb22856British fleece wool, cotton, cashmere, silk, Austrian Moosburger horsetail, Shetland woolViscose, silk and cashmere11.5"
Sublime23496British fleece wool, horsetail, Shetland wool, silk, mohair, cottonViscose and wool11.5"
Tiara22856Shetland wool, cotton, horsetailViscose and wool11.5"
Regal12236British fleece wool, cotton, horsetail, Shetland woolViscose and wool11.5"
Coronet12058British fleece wool, cottonViscose and wool10.7"
Devonshire11716British and Devonshire fleece woolViscose and wool10.7"
(*) The number of coils used in a King-size mattress.
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