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Individually handcrafted to your exact specifications. Every bed we craft delivers unique Vispring comfort that will satisfy any requirement.

Diamond Majesty

Shetland wool, British horsetail, silk, cashmere and Royal fleece alpaca will cradle you in unparalleled comfort.

Masterpiece Superb

Indulgent cashmere, smooth silk, fluffy alpaca and Austrian horsetail will envelope you each and every night.

Signatory Superb

The Signatory Superb is a blend of cotton, cashmere and other natural fibers that surround your body for a cradling comfort all night long.

Cashmere Superb

Rich amounts of luxurious Cashmere, British fleece wool and horsetail provide the ultimate softness and support, resulting in a superior sleep surface.

Sublime Superb

Luxurious silk, Mohair, Shetland wool, organic cotton and South American horsetail provide a truly comfortable and supportive feel

Tiara Superb

Rich amounts of British fleece wool, organic cotton and hand teased South American horsetail provide a cradling and supportive feel.
Regal Superb
Shetland wool and cotton along with hand teased South American horsetail provides a truly comfortable sleep surface.


Shetland wool and cotton provide a comfortable sleep surface.


A generous amount of Shetland wool provides a very comfortable sleep surface.
Vispring New York is an authorized retailer of Vispring Limited, London, a premiere destination to experience the uncompromising luxury and body-responsive support of a Vispring mattress. You are invited to discover a sleeping experience that is second to none.